House Ministries

First Touch Facilitators Ministry

The First Touch Facilitators Ministry is devoted to making members and visitors alike feel welcome as they enter the sanctuary.


Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry serves the congregation prior to, during and after church services. The ushers work in conjunction with the leadership to maintain order during all services.


Praise & Worship

This ministry is devoted and committed to leading the congregation in praise and worship at the beginning and during each service.


Voices Of Deliverance

The Voices of Deliverance Choir ministers deliverance, restoration, healing, and salvation through song.


Music Ministry

The musicians represents the musical accompaniment of all church services including the choirs, praise and worship, and special guests. As anointed minstrels, they support the speaker and help to usher in the Holy Spirit.


Media Production Ministry

The Media Production Ministry is a vital part of the church experience and is responsible for ensuring an audibly pleasant service, visual aids (backgrounds, song lyrics, bible text, etc.), technical support during worship services, audio taping of every worship service and the sales of audio/video after each service.


Diaconate Ministry

The Deacons are appointed to assist the Pastors in the upkeep of the church, collection of offerings, serving of communion and any other tasks given by leadership.


Security Ministry

To provide security to the Pastors, guest speakers, and the congregation as a whole, which includes the safety of the grounds and assist with parking.


Ministry Of Intercession

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry consist of individuals who are called and committed to a life of prayer. The Intercessors stand in the gap for our Pastors, the vision of the house, the Body of Christ and all relevant issues in the community and the world.


Altar Worker Ministry

Altar Workers serve as prayer counselors to those who respond to the Word of God at the altar or throughout the sanctuary. They work in conjunction with the Pastor, speaker and the Holy Spirit to support parishioners physically and spiritually.


Helps Ministry

HELPS provides hospitality services to and for the entire congregation.


Executive Hospitality Ministry

Executive Hospitality serves the Pastoral staff, the first family (when necessary) and guest clergy. This ranges from catering logistics and meal preparation to chauffeuring, accommodations, preparation, providing an executive level of services to the aforementioned.


New Disciples Ministry

Upon making a decision to accept the salvation of Jesus Christ, this ministry serves individuals at the conclusion of the altar call. It provides follow up to each person who makes this commitment to ensure the growth of Christian maturity.