Educational Ministries

New Converts Class

This class is for individuals who are newly saved or have re-committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Attendees will learn the basics about the gift of salvation and get the keys that will enable one to live a successful Christian life.


Discipleship Class

Discipleship classes are designed to help you understand what your relationship to God is, how to communicate with Him and how to apply basic Bible principles to your life.


Christian Education Class

The Christian Education Class (Sunday School) has been established to build a foundation of the Word of God for your life.


Grace For Kids

Children’s Sunday School that prepares the soil of children’s hearts by teaching them the basic knowledge of God.


Water Baptism Class

Aims to teach anyone who has made the decision to follow Christ and wants to show outwardly their faith.


LIFE Class

This ministry aids individuals in self-actualizing and living up to the potential within. It encourages spiritual growth and maturity, confidence building, and leadership qualities while helping the participants to take a didactic look at their own lives and make internal and external changes to assist them to obtaining the “expected end” Christ intended for use.


Bible College & Seminary

The City Of Grace Bible College & Seminary exists to provide training and equipping in biblical and doctrinal studies, ministry and leadership skills, the necessary tools to all. Therefore, enabling them to fulfill the Great Commission.


W.O.W. (Word on Wednesday)

Designed to take a didactive approach to study the Bible.